STPL2 is a synthetic, nature-identical, statistic peptide library (Food and Drug Administration approved) of a thymus extract. The active agent consist of several thymus peptides with approximately 4.2 Mio. combinations of peptides which act synergistically.

Prolonging of growth phases by protecting from enzymes

STPL2 impairs the main enzymes and hormones (Trypsin und Tryptase) of human mast cells which have been shown to play a mayor role causing hair loss. Harmful DHT is blocked. This way Thymuskin reduces the dying of hair follicle cells and can often even totally stop it.

Regeneration of hair follicles by activation of Keratinocytes

STPL2 activates and proliferates the keratinocytes in the hair matrix, the basic substance of each hair. The peptide Thymulin intensively stimulates hair growth.


STPL2 has been actively investigated in scientific research for over 30 years with repeated, convincing positive results found by dermatological clinics and university hospitals. (Medical Faculty, University Frankfurt, Hospital Wien-Lainz, Medical Faculty, University Heidelberg¬†, University Hospital M√ľnster, Hannover Medical School, Medical Faculty, University Munich, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Dermatological Clinic, University of Milan, Women Dermatologists of Italy (DDI))